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Did you know there are over 100k societies and associations in America that bring in speakers for conferences and events?

A lot of these associations and societies are packed with potential clients who can also hire you to speak to THEIR events or bring you in to deliver consulting or training programs.  

This is a huge opportunity for speakers. And yet most of us have no idea how to crack into this important market. 

As a Certified Association Executive myself I’m personally connected with thousands of association executives who hire speakers. 

In this time of intense disruption within our business – demystifying how to get speakers like you in front of decision-makers (and actually get hired by associations) has become my passion. 

Over the last decade I’ve hosted in-person intensives to walk speakers through my process…and it works. 

Now I’ve created this online community to help you break out of the post-COVID funk and find the business you need to keep your career on track. 

Joining this community costs very little and it comes with a lot of benefits.

The most important being the ability to join in with other speakers 3 hours a month for goal setting, strategy and networking sessions. 

You get to talk with real experts LIVE who are committed to helping you grow your business. 

As an ADDED BONUS you get access to almost 20 exclusive interviews with association executives (along with their contact information), online courses, a Request for Proposals page – that I personally update all the time – and exclusive workshops. 

I’m not asking you to sign up for some over-priced course created to suck money you don’t have out of your pocket. I’m offering you an opportunity to grow your business in a market that is always hiring. 

Just watch my special message to learn more about the Association & Society Speaker Community.