Keynote Accelerator

Create compelling keynote and breakout write-ups in SECONDS!

Our Keynote Accelerator Tool will add rocket-fuel to your proposals by helping you create content that sells!

This AI Chatbot is trained on best practices from BOOKED! The Insider’s Guide for Speakers Selling to Associations.

How do you use it?

Sample prompts:

“Take the following title and turn it into a 45 minute breakout session for a manufacturing association: [your program title].

“Turn the following keynote description into a sellable RFP submission: [cut and paste your current program description]

“Turn my keynote session into a half day internal training session: [cut and paste your keynote or breakout session]

IMPORTANT: This tool is amazing. But it’s not perfect. Always review the output before you submit it to organizations or post to your website.