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Friday July 23rd @ 12pm EST


Speaker Price: $5.99

Service Suppliers

If you sell to speakers: $10.99

One-on-One Networking

Connect with fellow speakers from around the world at this event from Ed Rigsbee and Aidan Crawford. This is a recurring monthly event bringing together speakers from all over to discuss the business of speaking.

This networking event has resulted in new business for multiple attendees through partnerships, referrals and more. Each event starts with a few minutes from Ed Rigsbee (The Association Guy) on how to grow your business by speaking to associations.

Ed’s Presentation

Each month Ed Rigsbee presents 15 to 20 minutes on a topic related to selling your speaking services to associations.


Accessing decision makers through industry specific…societies of association executives (SAE) and association executive councils (AEC).

Industry Specific SAEs range from the American Association of Medical Society Executives (AAMSE) to the Council of State Restaurant Association (CSRA). CEOs and executive directors from specific industries band together to better understand how to guide their specialty association. The industry specific SAEs might hold their own meetings or meet at large industry-wide expos.

Association Executive Councils (AEC) generally are the state association executive directors under the umbrella of a specific association like National Association of Wholesale Distributors (NAW) and Associated General Contractors (AGC). They might have their own separate meeting as in the case of NAW or a meeting at the umbrella association’s annual meeting as with AGC.

Understanding how and where these association executive groups meet can take you a long way toward gaining speaking opportunities to their respective industries. Ed will detail this idea further in July at the Global Speaker Networking Event.