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Balancing Marketing and Sales: A Strategic Approach for Speakers

In an era dominated by digital marketing, professional speakers often find themselves leaning heavily towards marketing activities, neglecting the equally critical aspect of sales. This imbalance can hinder their business growth, as marketing alone doesn’t guarantee conversions. Ed Rigsbee, a veteran in the speaking industry, sheds light on the necessity of maintaining a balance between […]

Restaurant Group Joins Suicide-Prevention Initiative

The #86TheStigma campaign combines a state agency and charity along with the Georgia Restaurant Association’s advocacy strengths. The Georgia Restaurant Association has partnered with two other groups to support suicide prevention in the industry. Earlier this month GRA announced its participation in #86TheStigma, a campaign created along with Georgia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental […]

Satisfaction Surveys Can Improve Your Member Volunteer Experience

Last year, the National Association for Gifted Children designed a satisfaction survey for its member volunteers to get a better sense of how volunteers felt about their committee experience. Here’s how NAGC used data to launch a subsequent volunteer orientation that brought greater clarity, structure, and support to member volunteers. When Meagan Roloff, CAE, joined […]

How Successful Change Works

Your people won’t sign on to your grand ideas if they feel left out. Think of change as a negotiation, experts and association pros say, and it’s more likely to succeed. The most important part of being a change agent isn’t the brilliant ideas you have. It’s about your ability to get others to get […]

How to Handle “Ghosting” in Mentorship Programs

“Ghosting,” or abruptly ending communication with someone without explanation, often happens in romantic relationships—but it can happen in professional ones too. Some associations have noticed it in mentorship programs. Here’s how one group is confronting the issue by giving participants the tools and encouragement to speak up when the problem arises. Association mentorship programs provide […]