Association & Society Speaker Video Directory

ASSC is now offering members the opportunity to be included in the new ASSC Video Directory Page.

This will be a special directory link that Ed Rigsbee will use to promote ASSC members through his posting at ASAE Collaborate forums when association executives ask about finding speakers.

Hey, Ed!
Just closed a deal with an association that found me via ASSC site! March 2023 – $6500!  
Vision Service Alliance –Kelli Vrla

This is only available to ASSC members. There will be an additional charge for participation (and there is no obligation to participate).

Here is how it will work…each participating speaker will have an 8-minute presentation which will be used in the directory. You have a choice as to your video; (1) recorded live with Ed or Aidan, (2) use a video from a previous event, (3) your professionally produced sizzle reel or (4) produce your own video…remember we will only accept videos of 8 minutes or shorter. Aidan & Ed reserve the option to reject or have speakers re-record if they do not feel the video accurately represents the speaker (no additional charge). The showcases will be available upon request run every couple weeks until everyone desiring to participate has recorded an acceptable video.

Each speaker’s video & contact information (mandatory: email, phone number and web URL) along with an optional calendar link will remain in this special video directory as long as the speaker maintains their ASSC membership.

Participants that recorded live with Ed or Aidan will also get to download and use their own videos however they like!

Getting in the weeds:

  1. Presenter’s description (see form link below) must be between 40 and 60 words and clearly demonstrate subject matter expertise on their topic and position them as unique within their selected category. Ed or Aidan will work with individuals to help get this right.
  2. You need to select the category that best fits your expertise. We are looking for you to, as all subject matter experts should, laser focus. If none exist, upon Ed & Aidan’s discretion, a new category might be added to the list.

Please complete this form with the necessary information for your listing:


Here are examples of how the individual showcases will look: 

First Come…First Served

The cost of participation is a one-time fee of $500 per member.

After initial set-up is complete, change fees are as follows: 

  1. Upload new video – $100
  2. Record new video – $250
  3. Re-wordsmith positioning description – $250

Use the PayPal Button Below to Get Started