Unlock the secrets to maximizing your speaking revenue. At the Association & Society Speakers Community (ASSC), we're more than just speakers—we're a tight-knit community of top-tier professionals. Each week, we meet to exchange hard-to-find resources, insider strategies, and proven tactics, all aimed at landing the most lucrative ASSOCIATION & SOCIETY speaking engagements. Don't let another golden opportunity slip by.

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Ignite Impact, Forge Bonds – ASSC Elevates Your Speaking Business.

Community Events

Get support and inspiration from our weekly Zoom and networking meetings.

One-on-One ZOOM

Our number one job is to help speakers land on stages. Book time on the calendar to work through issues related to YOUR business.

Meet Decision-Makers

We have over 60 interviews with association decision-makers who are just waiting for our members to reach out to them!

Grow Your Network

Expand your network and collaborate with +100 like-minded speakers.

Unlimited Workshops

Over 25 short workshops and courses to help you solidify your positioning, branding and lead generation strategies

Meeting Planner Outreach

With a list of over 14k meeting planners, the ASSC sends out emails daily highlighting member videos.

Success Stories

Our Members Said 🗣️

“Joining ASSE offers the opportunity, the guidance, coaching and networking that helps members connect with associations who do hire speakers…For a minimal investment you will get a  maximum return”
– Edie Raether, MS, CSP

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Elevate your speaking journey when you leverage the genuis of our community

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$ 99/monthly

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Explore essential FAQs about the ASSC

If You Need More Help, Email Us: Aidan@ShortCircuitMedia.com

  • The ASSC Subscription is an all-inclusive package giving speakers access to live programs, one on one coaching and so much more. Our job is to help professional speakers get paid speaking engagements. That’s it.
  • Ed Rigsbee, CAE, CSP and Aidan Crawford are the co-founders of the ASSC. Ed is a seasoned speaker with over 35 years in the association world and Aidan is a marketer with over 15 years experience working with speakers. When you take Ed’s chocolate and mix it with Aidan’s peanut butter, you get an unbeatable combination.
  • Our live meetings happen each Wednesday at 9am PT/12pm ET. 
  • Week one – Goal Setting
  • Week two – Member Networking/Problem Solving
  • Week three – Ed and Aidan’s Office hours
  • Week four – Open Networking 
  • We provide a platform for in-depth learning, practical insights, and real-time interaction. You’ll gain valuable techniques, receive feedback, and have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with fellow participants.

We do not offer refunds for our subscription plan. But we do have a very simple cancelation policy. Just send us a note and we’ll stop charging you. 

Frequently. In fact there is rarely a week goes by when something new isn’t added.

  • Absolutely! Our program includes personalized coaching sessions to address your specific business needs. This one-on-one attention ensures that you are always moving in the right direction. 
  • No. The ASSC is designed to benefit speakers who are already familiar with the speaking business. If we can’t help you, we don’t want your money.
  • Speakers most likely to benefit from membership are those who’ve been in the business for a while and are looking to take things to the next level. 
Sure. Just send Aidan an email and he will get you sorted out. Aidan@ShortCircuitMedia.com

Yes. These are recurring monthly and yearly subscriptions that will be active until you cancel them.

Absolutely not. You may cancel your monthly or yearly subscription at any time. However there are NO REFUNDS. If you purchase one month or one year– you get that full month or year.